Monday, June 13, 2011

Creating new sample ADF tab in OIM 11g

Oracle Deployment doc: OracleDocLink

Step-1 : Copy src code of new tab
ade:[ lakshman_IAM0612 ] [lakshman@parrot lib]$ pwd
ade:[ lakshman_IAM0612 ] [lakshman@parrot lib]$ /scratch/lakshman/view_storage/lakshman_IAM0612/tklocal/oimDeployments/oim.ear/iam-consoles-faces.war/WEB-INF/lib/.
ade:[ lakshman_IAM0612 ] [lakshman@parrot lib]$ cp /work/lakshman/bugs/tabBug/cuFiles/CustomTabApp/deploy/adflibCustomTabs1.jar .

Step-2: No need to do any change in Self.jspx

Step-3 : Make changes to faces-config-self.xml

ade:[ lakshman_IAM0612 ] [lakshman@parrot oim.ear]$ diff ./iam-consoles-faces.war/WEB-INF/faces-config-self.xml /work/lakshman/bugs/tabBug/myChanges/faces-config-self.xml
> customPage
> oracle.iam.consoles.faces.backing.Self$OperationAction
> application
> id
> java.lang.String
> customization_page

> pageUrl
> java.lang.String
> /examples/MyProfile.jspx


> #{}
> #{customPage}

ade:[ lakshman_IAM0612 ] [lakshman@parrot oim.ear]$ cp /work/lakshman/bugs/tabBug/myChanges/faces-config-self.xml ./iam-consoles-faces.war/WEB-INF/faces-config-self.xml

Step-4: Copy
* cp iam-consoles-faces.jar /work/lakshman/bugs/tabBug/myChanges/
* cd /work/lakshman/bugs/tabBug/myChanges/
* mkdir dir_iam-consoles-faces.jar
* mv iam-consoles-faces.jar ./dir_iam-consoles-faces.jar/
* cd ./dir_iam-consoles-faces.jar/
* jar -xvf iam-consoles-faces.jar
* rm iam-consoles-faces.jar
* cp ../ ./oracle/iam/consoles/faces/resources/
* cd /work/lakshman/bugs/tabBug/myChanges/dir_iam-consoles-faces.jar
* jar -cvf ../iam-consoles-faces.jar ./*
* jar -tvf /work/lakshman/bugs/tabBug/myChanges/iam-consoles-faces.jar - Check if there is anything wrong.
* cd /scratch/lakshman/view_storage/lakshman_IAM0612/tklocal/oimDeployments/oim.ear/iam-consoles-faces.war/WEB-INF/lib
* cp /work/lakshman/bugs/tabBug/myChanges/iam-consoles-faces.jar ./

Step-5: Restart wls server

Step-6: Make changes and re-test
When the user first accesses the Self Service console and a custom ADF tab the MyProfile.jspx file is copied into iam-consoles-faces.war. This file will need to be deleted when any new changes to the source file are redeployed.
Delete: oim.ear/iam-consoles-faces.war/examples/MyProfile.jspx
Note: this file will only exist after a user access the Self Service console.

* Use latest JDev 11g for ADF development.
* Mapping between MyProfile.jspx and (bean class with business logic) is provided in faces-config.xml. You have managed bean name, class etc... here
* In MyProfile.jspx, we reference all business logic using beanName.logic. Example:
inputText label="#{customtabsBundle.EMAIL}"
value="#{}" id="abc"

commandButton text="#{customtabsBundle.APPLY}"
where profile is bean name, useprofile is data member of this bean class.

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