Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Configure reverse proxy in few seconds.

Sometimes we may have to configure a load balancer in front of bunch of web servers or just one web server to test some problem. Configuring load balancer could take time. A simple way to do this is to configure reverse proxy plugin in a web server or an app server that is already deployed. It takes few seconds to do this.

For ex: If you have Sun Web sever 7.0 configured, it takes few seconds to do this.

Click on Configurations tab and select the configuration.
Click Virtual Servers tab and select the virtual server.
Click Content Handling > Reverse Proxy tab.
Click New Proxy URI button.

Specify values for the following parameters:
URI - The reverse proxy URI
Server URL - Comma separated URLs of the remote server.
If multiple values are given, the server will distribute load among the specified servers.

If you want to simply route all requests to another web server or app server you can say
URI - /
Server URL - http://avatar.red.iplanet.com:80/opensso

Let us say this reverse proxy plugin is configured on http://bull.red.iplanet.com:5555
webserver, with above paramters, any http request to bull.red.iplanet.com:5555 will be routed
to avatar.red.iplanet.com:80 and user accessing bull,red,iplanet.com:80 will never know that
he is indeed accessing avatar.red.iplanet.com:80.

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