Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Few steps to start a simple load test using Mercury LoadRunner 8.1:

1. Install Load Runner server and controller on a windows machine say Load Runner 8.1 on a machine star.sun.com

2. Go to start-> Programs -> Mercury -> LoadRunner. You will get 3 options in the GUI.
* Create/Edit Scripts * Run Load Tests * Analyze Load Tests

3. Choose Create / Edit Scripts option. It will open Virtual User Generator console. On the left tab, choose new Vuser script.

4. In the dialog box, you have few options. Choose Web (HTTP / HTML).

5. It will take you to "Start Recording" box options. Provide broser type, start url - the first url to hit when the script starts, choose Action for "Record into Action" option. This is the place where you can generate load.

6. Now record the script by doing UI operation like the way you test from a browser. Save it.

7. Provide Scenario options and start the test.

8.If you choose Run Load Tests. It will open a controller console.

9. In the controller console, it will show you previous scripts that you have created or imported earlier.

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