Thursday, March 15, 2012

Office 365 Issues

Outlook live : Post Time Out issue -

Copy pasted from above link
The error "Post ticket time window expired.  Ticket could be reposted" indicates the users ticket is no longer valid.  RPS uses POST TICKET TIME WINDOW to prevent Compact Tickets from being accepted if the difference between Compact Ticket "IssueInstant" and server’s Now() time is more than an amount that you specified in RPSServer.xml.
If it is less, then Compact Ticket is accepted. If it is more, then RPS throws PP_E_RPS_REASON_POST_TICKET_TIMEWINDOW_EXPIRED.
The default value for PostTicketTimeWindow is 300 seconds (5 minutes). This is configurable in the RPSServer.xml (which is actual fix). Apart from this, I have catch this error in the code and redirect the user to the Silent Auth URL to refresh the ticket. Sending the user to the Silent Auth URL with a different CT value (current time – matching your servers time), the login server will issue a new compact ticket. Finally the issue the fixed.


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